blattFresh and clean air
Neutralizes odors
Elimination of pests99.9% elimination of all pests
UV-C TechnologyUV-C Technology
Quiet operation below 60 dBSilent operation
No filters needed

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Main features

Ionizer function: The Powercleany™ air purifier emits millions of negative ions into the air that effectively attract and remove suspended particles such as dust, pollen and smoke. This feature helps improve air quality and create a fresher environment.

UV sterilization: Equipped with UV light, the air purifier can kill and destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold. UV sterilization is effective against the spread of airborne pathogens, providing an additional level of protection for your health.

Ozone generator: For deep cleaning, the product offers an ozone generation function that neutralizes odors, smoke and other stubborn pollutants. Ozone is particularly effective at eliminating odors and provides comprehensive air purification even in areas difficult to reach for traditional filters.

Optimal setup for full house coverage

By strategically placing the Powercleany™ air purifier in every room, including the kitchen, bedroom and living room, you ensure that the air quality remains optimal throughout the home. This device is specifically designed to adapt to different air quality conditions, ensuring the elimination of pollutants and continuously improving your family's well-being and health. The Powercleany® air purifier in the car also guarantees clean air even on the go.

Material: Aluminum alloy

Dimensions: 170x68 mm

Input: 5V 2.1A

Rated power: <12W

Negative ion concentration: 10 million pcs/cm'

Ozone output: 50mg/h

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Noise level: <30dB

Fan: DC fan

Package contents: Air purifier, USB-C cable, power adapter, manual

30 Days

Refund warranty

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